Featured Story: How To Replace Toilet’s Wax Seal

Replacing a Toilet Wax Ring

Toilets are part of the plumbing system and are responsible for most smells in the house hence should be sealed properly. Here are steps of replacing a seal under a toilet. It is necessary for the system to be functioning well with no breakages nor leakages has its failure has adverse effects characterized by foul smell due to waste leakage or water splash in case of a broken or old wax seal.

1. Shut Off The Water Supply

Before starting the operation of replacing the seal you need to shut off the water supply to the toilet has water makes it hard for you to do anything. You can cut off the water supply to the toilet only or cut off the water supply system to the all house.

2. Flush The Toilet To Empty The Tank and Bowl

With the water in the toilet bowl flush the toilet to remove any human excreta or anything found in the toilet which may disturb you when you want to replace the seal.

3. Dry-clean The Toilet’s Tank And Bowl

Using a sponge, soak up the water wish may be on the tank and the bowl of the toilet to make the tank and the bowl very clean and dry.

4. Remove The Nuts That Hold The Base Of The Toilet’s Bowl To The Floor

After the bowl is clean and dry then remove the nut that holds the bowl to the floor using pliers if the nuts are hard to be remove use oil to loosen them.

5. Separate The Water Supply System

After removing the nuts then you disconnect the bowl from the line which normally supply water.

6. Break The Old Seal

By gently rocking the toilet forth and back break the old seal to be removed. You need to be very careful when you are doing this operation as the toilet tank is very delicate and can break it easily.

7. Remove The Remnants Of The Seal

Carefully not to injure yourself remove the pieces of the broken seal and place them on a disposal tray ready for disposal.

8. Place The New Seal On Position

Remove the new seal and place it over the flange on the floor with the round side facing up and make sure it is centered exactly on the opening and then place the bolts in place.

9. Place The Toilet On The Flange

With the bolts in position put the toilet on top of the flange and seal it making sure that the toilet is level

10. Sit On The Toilet

To make sure that the new seal actually seals perfectly, sit on the toilet to test and exert some pressure to fit the seal in position.

11. Replace The Nuts

After making sure that the bowl is level replace the nuts which had been removed.

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There you have. You have replaced the seal and you can now reconnect the water supply and flash the toilet to check for leakages.

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